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The Accountant 2016

Raw Savant mathematics book for new customers, the activity of the Ministry of Finance and his body count begins to rise. Christian Wolff a mathematical scientist. CPA office for covering small, Urban, one of the organizers of the world’s most dangerous criminal, she works as a freelance.Crime compel Treasury, run Ray King, began to close, the Christian accepts a client state of the art company clerk rahunkyarobotika found differences associated with millions of dollars. But the Christian book and crude closer to the true number of bodies begins to rise.

ChristianWolf (Ben Affleck) to be more than this number is less than koledzhu.CPA firm as cover for the small town, organized criminals are dangerous in their lives is freelance. Treasury agent (Simmons) is on the heels of a Christian state mystetstvahartzenrobotika valid business customers.Wolff was closer to the truth about the differences that require the body count begins to grow a million dollars.

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